Course Code PLC108
Semester 2
Points 3
ECTS Units 4
Recommended Reading

Mechanics R. Serway
Mechanics D. Halliday-R.Resnick
Mechanics H.Young
Mechanics K. Aλεξόπουλος (in Greek)

Course Description

1. Gravity acceleration calculation.
2. Mechanical conservation of energy and Maxwell disk moment of inertia calculation.
3. Torsion modulus of a metallic bar.
4. Viscosity measurement of a liquid with the Ostwald viscometer.
5. Investigation of the relationship between flow resistance and the shape and the shape of the surface condition of a body.
6. Investigation of the pressure distribution on an aerofoil in an air current.
7. Study of elastic and inelastic collition.
8. Free damped vibrations and damped vibrations with a driving force.