The University consists of Schools that cover a set of related sciences. Each School is divided into Departments. The Department is the basic functional academic unit. The curriculum of the Department leads to an academic degree.

The Department of Physics, like any department of the University, is divided into Divisions. Each Division coordinates the teaching of part of the academic subjects of the Department, which corresponds to a specific field of science. Laboratories are under the authority of the Department or School. The operation of Laboratories is governed by internal regulations.

The Governing Bodies of each Division are the General Assembly and the Director. The General Assembly of the Division elects the Director of the Division for a one-year term, who coordinates the work of the Division within the framework of the decisions of the Assembly of the Department.

The head of each laboratory is the Director, who is elected by the General Assembly of the Division with a two-year term.

The Governing Bodies of the Department are the Assembly, the Governing Council and the Head.

The composition of the Assembly of the Department is determined by the legal framwork. The Assembly of the Department is chaired by the Head of the Department, who is elected (together with the Deputy Head) by a Special Electoral Body as detemined by the law.

The Governing Council of the Department which of the Head and the Deputy Head of the Department and the Directors of the Divisions.

The Governing bodies of the School are the General Assembly, the Deanery and the Dean.

The Dean is elected by an electorate, which consists of all the electors for the election of the Heads of the departments that belong to the School.


Administrative Structure of the Department of Physics
Head of the Department Andreas Kazantzidis
Deputy Head of the Department Costas Psychalinos
Divisions Head of Division
The Applied Physics Division Ioannis Kioutsioukis
The Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics Division Charis Anastopoulos
The Condensed Matter Division Dimitris Anastasopoulos
The Electronics and Computers Division Michalis Fakis
Secretary Thekli Petta
Computer Center
Head of Computer Center Thomas Argireas