The development of the Department of Physics of the University of Patras begins with the publication of the law 4425 of November 10th 1964 which was published in the 216 Government’s Gazette of November 11th 1964. The Faculty of Sciences was founded by the Royal Decree 828, which was published in the 215 Government’s Gazette of October 19th 1966, and the following Chairs were included:

  1. Two Chairs of Mathematics named A and B.
  2. One Chair of Mechanics.
  3. Two Chairs of Physics named A and B
  4. One Chair of Electronics.
  5. One Chair of Inorganic Chemistry.
  6. One Chair of Organic Chemistry.
  7. One Chair of Physical Chemistry.
  8. One Chair of Biology.
  9. One Chair of Zoology.
  10. One Chair of Botany.
  11. One Chair of Geology.
  12. One Chair of Philosophy.

Professor Alexander Theodossiou was elected in the A Chair of Physics, who retired in 1986. In the B Chair of Physics Professor Rigas Rigopoulos was elected, who submitted his resignation in 1982. Finally, in the Chair of Electronics Professor Deliyannis was elected, who retired in 2000.

Initially, the University of Patras was housed in a Faculty complex on Korinthou Street, which today is known as Annex (Parartima). As time proceeded and with the increase of the university activities and in order to satisfy the needs of housing offices, classes and laboratories prefabricated complexes were built in the Municipality of Rion. In this area the B Chair of Physics and the Chair of Electronics were housed. In the same complex the Chair of Meteorology and the C Chair of Physics, which were founded at a later time, were also housed. Professor Dimitrios Ilias and Professor Minas Roilos were elected in the Chair of Meteorology and the C Chair of Physics respectively.

Professor Theodossiou served as Rector of the University of Patras in the academic year 1979-1980. As Deans of the Faculty of Sciences served Professor Rigopoulos in the academic year 1979-1980 and Professor Deliyiannis in the academic years 1980-1981 and 1981-1982.

The role of Chairs were abolished since 1982 according to the law 1268/1982 and scientific divisions were introduced, according the research activities of the members of the scientific personnel of the Department of Physics. Since then, the Department of Physics is housed in what it is called “Building of the Department of Physics“. In this building all the administrative, teaching and research laboratories are housed, except the activities of Astrophysics, which are housed in the B building of the University campus.

On Former Members page are shown the members of the Department of Physics, who have retired or left from the Department.

At present in the Divisions of the Department of Physics serve several staff members of all academic levels. A distribution of the staff members in the different divisions may be found on the Staff page of the web site of the Department of Physics.

The staff members of the Department of Physics besides their teaching duties, are involved in scientific research with considerable achievements, which are published in internationally respected scientific journals.

Student laboratories, absolutely necessary for the proper education of the students of the Department of Physics are continuously upgraded with modern experimental equipment. As a result, the process of learning Physics is following the modern trends in teaching Physics. The Departments of Physics renders service courses to other Departments of the University of Patras.

In the basements of the building of the Department of Physics a large area has been provided in order to house the Machine Shop for support of scientific activities of the University of Patras. It is equipped with lathes, milling machines and other equipment required for the needs of all staff members of the University of Patras and Institution operating within the university area. The supervision of this machine shop has been delegated to a three staff member committee, one of which is member of the Department of Physics.