Information on the undergraduate studies – in English offered by the Department of Physics, University of Patras in the frame of the ERASMUS+ program

General Instructions

The general information for incoming students on Erasmus+ bachelor programs at the University of Patras is provided in the following link:


Mobility for studies – University of Patras (upatras.gr) 

The nomination/application deadlines, insurance, instructions before and upon arrival at Patras are described in detail.

Academic Counseling

A list of undergraduate courses, advertised by the Physics Department for Erasmus+ incoming students for the academic year 2022-23 is presented in the following tables (take into account that all students should early enough secure the availability of selected courses for the specific period of their mobility after contacting the Erasmus coordinator or the respective professors):


Winter Semester
Course title CODE ECTS
Electronics ECC205 5
Introduction in Environmental Physics ACC307 4
Thermal and Statistical Physics PLC305 8
Analog Electronics ELC475 5
Demonstration Experiments in Physics I NME491 5
Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry MCC105 3
Astrophysics I TAC447 5
Material Science MSC407 5
Renewable Energy Sources EEC419 5
Atmospheric Physics I – Meteorology EEC421 5


Summer Semester
Course title CODE ECTS
Atomic and Molecular Physics EEC422 5
Special Topics in Statistical Physics MSE402 6
Microelectronics Materials and Devices MSE406 6
Physics of the Atmosphere II (+Laboratory) ΕΕΕ428 6
Microelectronics ELE478 6
Digital Signal Processing ELC472 6
History and Philosophy of Physical Sciences ΝΜΕ504 6
Physics Education NME494 5
Cosmology TAC446 6
Physics of Polymers, polymer composites and liquid crystals MSE404 6
Physics of vibrations and waves PCC206 5
Demonstration Experiments in Physics II NME492 5
General Biology NME495 6


The advertised courses are described in detail in the Undergraduate Studies Guide of the Physics Department:


Moreover, the Greek Language and Culture Lab offers two types of courses to the Erasmus+ incoming students of the University of Patras:

1 Greek Language Course – Modern Greek I (6 ECTS). It is a language course providing basic knowledge of Greek for communicative purposes. No prior knowledge of Greek is required.
2 Introduction to Greek Civilization & Culture (3 ECTS). It is a series of lectures introducing students to some landmarks of Greek civilization in ancient and modern times and in relation to the history of Patras.

These courses are free of charge and offered in the winter and spring semesters during the academic year. More details can be found in: http://greeklab.upatras.gr/

For information on the courses they may choose as well as any other issue related to the educational aspects of their mobility, incoming students may contact the Erasmus+ Coordinator of the Physics Department:

Konstantinos S. Andrikopoulos
Associate Professor
Erasmus+ Coordinator, Physics Department, University of Patras
Tel.: +30 2610 997467
Email: kandriko@upatras.gr