According to Law N. 2413/17-6-96 article 23 of Law 2083/92 is replaced by:

Undergraduate and graduate students of Universities and Technological Educational Institutes granted awards and scholarships from the State Scholarships Fundation (I.K.Y.), from the academic year 1996-1997 with the following conditions:

  • Awards consist of a written diploma in administration and scientific books of the student’s subject of study, awarded to the first students succeded in the entrance exams, the first student succeded in the examinations for promotion if the student passed the exams within the first two examination periods, as well as every school graduates student who completed his graduation exam within the first two testing periods.
  • The scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students with first criterion of the economic situation of the student and student’s parents and second test its performance, in absolute order of merit in the entrance examination or for promotion each year of study. Undergraduates intervening years, to receive a scholarship, they have to achieve an average grade of at least 6.51 on a scale from 0 to 10 in the courses of the indicative program of study within the first or at least the first and second examination period.
  • The number of scholarships, the amount to be allocated for the purchase of books or the scholarship and all the other details of the awards, scholarships, program and regulations that will govern defined by the Board of State Scholarships Fundation (I.K.Y.)
  • The first student from each graduate program after the end of each year of study will awarder from the State Scholarships Fundation (I.K.Y.) with a scholarship amounting to 1,900 euros. if the student is not already in another Scholarship. This amount may be adjusted by the Board of Directors of State Scholarships Fundation (I.K.Y.)
  • Interest-free loans and financial aid can be provided by institutions to undergraduate students, attended by the 1996-1997 academic year, to meet the special educational needs, according to the individual or their family situation and their performance in their studies. The extent of the procedure and conditions for granting loans and grants is determined by presidential decree, issued upon proposal of the Ministers of Education.
  • The Minister of Education shall regulate all necessary details on the implementation of this Article. This provision is applicable from the academic year 1997-1998.


“Alexander Theodosiou” Scholarship

The scholarship was established by the Academic Year 1993-1994 after the donation of the Professor Emeritus of the Department of Physics Alexandros Theodosius and granted based on performance in the first year of study in the economically disadvantaged.