Course Code TAC447
Semester 7
Points 3
ECTS Units 5
Recommended Reading

Textbooks in greek language

1) «Introduction to Modern Astronomy». X. Varvoglis & Ι. Seiradakis, 1994, Gartaganis editions, Thessaloniki.
2) Astrophysics Vol I Shu H. Frank 2003 Crete University Press
3) «Fundamental Concepts of Astrophysics», C. Goudis., University of Patras press.
4) «Stars and Interstellar Matter» C. Goudis., University of Patras press
5) «Cosmic Pathways», C. Goudis., Editors Ekati ISBN960-408-045-8

Course Description

Fundamental Concepts of Astrophysics: luminosity, Brightness, Surface Temperature, Boltzman and Saha equations, theory of Spectral Lines. Spectral Classification of Stars, Double Stars, Stellar Masses, star clusters, observed mass luminosity relations,distance measurements

Stellar Structure and Evolution: Hydrostatic equilibrium, energy generation, equation of radiation transport, optical depth, influence of convection, nuclear reactions in stellar interiors, PP chain, CNO cycle, the triple a- reaction, later stages of nuclear burning , s and r processes, equation of state of an ideal gas, opacity, homologous stellar models.

Bioastronomy Methods of detecting extrasolar planetary systems. Recent discoveries, Drake equation.