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The Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics Division
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Name: Panagiota-Eleftheria


Place of Birth: Athens, Greece

Tel: 2610 996907

e-mail: pechris@physics.upatras.gr


1993: PhD in Astrophysics, Dept. of Physics, University of Patras, Greece (first class honors)

1989-1990: M.Sc in Observational Astronomy (by research), Victoria University of Manchester, UK

1984-1988: BSc in Physics , Dept. of Physics, University of Patras (top 5%)

1984: Secondary education from the  3rd  Lyceum Zografos, Athens  (192/10 out of 20).

Foreign Languages: English (B2), French (C2), Italian (certificato medio), Spanish (initial),


2012-today: Assistant professorDept. of Physics, University of Patras 2005-2012: Lecturer, Dept. of Physics, University of Patras  2002-2011: Teaching stuff of the Undergraduate Course Module “Introduction to Natural Sciences”, School of Sciences and Technology, Hellenic Open University

1993-1998: Research Associate, Dept of Astronomy, Victoria University of Manchester (total 9 months) 1994-1998: Post Doctorate Researcher, Astronomy Laoratory, Dept. of Physics, University of Patras 1991-1992: Honorary Research Assistant Victoria University of Manchester (total 3 months)



2005-current teaching of several undergraduate courses in Physics Dept (Astrophysics I , Astrophysics II, Introduction to Astronomy & Astrophysics , Astronomy Lab, Astrophysics Lab, Optics and Waves  Lab, Nuclear Physics Lab, in Geology Dept (Physics Lab I). Development of a variety of astronomy education materials, including online astronomy and astrophysics labs with access to on line data

2008-current Teaching of graduate course “Special Topics in Astrophysics” (Linux, Image processing, IRAF, preparation of observations, topics on observational astrophysics in optical)

2002-2010 Teaching stuff of the Undergraduate Course Module “Introduction to Natural Sciences”, School of Sciences and Technology, Hellenic Open University.

Supervisor (past/currently) of more than 17 Diploma Theses, 6 Masters and 3 PhD theses


University Textbooks in Greek  1) 2001: Goudis C.D  & Christopoulou P-E, «Astrophysics» (Introductory university book, Volumes I & II , p. 785) Hellenic Open University 22005, co-author of hypertext in the team of  developing educational material for the postgraduate course module “Motion, Constitution of Matter and fundamental Interactions”, (p. 385) Hellenic Open University 3) 2009,  Christopoulou P-E & Goudis C. D, “Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics” (Introductory university book) in electronic form  on the webpage of Dept. of Physics, University of Patras.

General Science Books (in Greek) 1) Goudis, C.D. and Christopoulou, P.-E.: 1993, “About astrology“, Diavlos Press, Athens, 82 pp. 2) Goudis, C.D. and Christopoulou, P.-E.: 1997, ‘’The pioneers of science and technology’’, Biographical Dictionary-Calendar, Diavlos Press, 564 pp

Books of general interest (translated from English) 1) “The Book of Cosmos” of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, (David H. Levy, A Byron Press book, St. Martin’s Press, New York) Alexandria Press, Athens, p. 450 2) « The Myth of Darwinism» R. Milton, , Diavlos Press, Athens, p. 380


Observational Astrophysics

  • 2009-current: CCD observations of eclipsing binaries, cataclysmic variables, detection of new variables, longterm (monitoring) projects of variability and follow-up ground based observations as support to space observations, detection of circubinary extrasolar planets
  • Development of neural networks in order to apply the concept of Eclipsing Binaries with Artificial intelligence (EBAI, Prsa)
  • 1990-2009: Detection and study of HII regions, Supernova remnants, Planetary nebulae. Photometric monitoring of AGN (active galactic nuclei)


Development and Applications of Novel Instrumentation and Experimental Methods in Astroparticle Physics

Construction, operation and signal processing of the HELYCON scintillation detectors for the HELYCON “HEllenic LYceum Cosmic Observatories Network” project. HELYCON is a cosmic ray telescope which utilizes, instead of light, extensive air showers produced when cosmic rays interact with the earth atmosphere, constructed at Physics Laboratory of the Hellenic Open University.  (http://www.helycon.gr/HELYCON/Home.html,http://physicslab.eap.gr./EN/Personnel.html

Astrophysical experience : 1) Imaging with narrow interferometric filters and image tubes and/or  the  Manchester Wide Field Camera  -ΜWFC 2) photoelectric photometry with the photometer of the Astronomy Laboratory of the University of Patras,  and  CCD photometry. 3) Spectroscopy with the high resolution Manchester Echelle Spectrometer- MES and the Royal Greenwich Observatory 4) CCD imaging 5) analysis of light and modeling  of eclipsing binary and multiple systems of stars 6) search for circumbinary planets with timing of the minima of low-mass eclipsing binaries and analysis of the (O-C) diagrams.

Operating systems: Linux Fedora, Ubuntu linux, Windows (XP, 7) Αstronomical software: IRAF, STSDAS,MIDAS, DS9, Spitzer Leopard, PHOEBE & PHOEBE Scripter, Virtual Observatory tools (VO-tools).

Observational experience :

  1. Installation and operation of the University Campus observatory “Mythodea” (named after the homonymous NASA “2001 Mars Odyssey” choral symphony by the Greek composer Vangelis Papathanassiou, Honorary Doctor of Physics Department, University of Patras)
  2. CCD photometry with 2.3 m Aristarchos te;escope at Xelmos Observatory, photometric observations with the 1.2 m telescope at the Kryoneri Observatory, CCD observations with the 1.3 telescope at Skinakas Observatory (Crete), CCD observations at Mythodea Observatory, University of Patras.
  3. Reduction of photometric and spectroscopic data from big telescopes (WHT, INT, UNAM, AAT)
Research Activities
  1. Solomos N., Whitehead M. J., Meaburn J., Goudis C. D., Christopoulou P.-E., Optical monitoring of the nuclear variability of the Seyfert galaxy NGC 4151, Astronomy & Astrophysics 229, 80-82, 1990
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