Course Code ACC309
Semester 5
Category Basic
Points 3
ECTS Units 3
Recommended Reading

1. (a) «Introduction to Modern Astronomy». X. Varvoglis & Ι. Seiradakis, 1994, Gartaganis editions, Thessaloniki.

(2) Astrophysics Vol I Shu H. Frank 2003 Crete University Press
a. «Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics» Ε-P Christopoulou & C. Goudis, Lecture Notes, Patras University Press (e-class)
b. «Introduction to Cosmology» V. Geroyannis, Lecture Notes, Patras University Press

Course Description

1. Fundamental Concepts of astrophysics (i) (luminosity, magnitude, color, temperature, parallax) (ii) mechanics (gravity, Newton’s laws, Kepler’s laws) (iii) of the physics of light and (iv) physics of black body. Distances and masses
2. Telescopes.
3. Stellar Physics: The Sun (). Energy generation. Birth and evolution on the HR diagram. Stellar deaths
4. The Sun . Parameters and activity
5. Physics of the Solar System: General characteristics. Morphology and Atmospheres of the Planets. Models of the Interior of the Planets. Satellites. Formation of the Solar System. (Asteroids. Comets. Meteorites. Kuiper Belt)
6. Cosmology: Our Galaxy, Galaxies, Clusters and superclusters of galaxies. Active galaxies. Quasars. Cosmological theories (the Early Universe and the Evolution of the Universe). Observational evidence of cosmological models.