Course Code TAC445
Semester 7
Points 3
ECTS Units 5
Recommended Reading

– Introduction to Particle Physics and Cosmology, J. Vergados, S. Lola and I. Triantafyllopoulos, Symmetria.

– Notes on Nuclear Physics, S. Dedousis, M. Zamani, A. Sampsonidis, University of Thessaloniki.

Course Description

Nuclear Physics

1) Basic properties of the nucleus and nuclear force.

2) α,β,and γ radioactive decays.

3) Laws of radioactive decays.

4) Introduction to radiation detectors.

5) Nuclear Models.

6) Nuclear Reactions.

7) Brief Introduction to basic experiments of Nuclear Physics: Mossbauer effect, Goldhaber experiment, etc.

8) Applications: a) Operation principles of a nuclear reactor, b) Elements of solar nuclear physics.

Elementary Particle Physics

1) Introduction to the physics of elementary particles.

2) Leptons, quarks and gauge particles.

3) Mesons and baryons.

4) Kinematics.

5) Symmetries and conservation laws.

6) Introduction to gauge theories.

7) Parton model.

8) Resonances.

9) Feynman diagrams.

10) Standard Model of particle physics.

11) Higgs mechanism.