Course Code PHC435
Semester 7
Points 3
ECTS Units 5
Recommended Reading

«The Physics of Lasers» S. Couris Σ. (2015), ID Εudoxos: 59303562, HEAL available at:
“Laser Electronics”, Joseph Verdeyen, 3rd ed. Prentice-Hall
“Laser Fundamentals”, W. T. Silfvast, (2004), Cambridge University Press
“Principles of Lasers” O. Svelto, (2010), 5th ed., Springer US
“Laser Physics” P.W. Milonni, & J.H. Eberly, (2010). 2nd ed., Wiley

Course Description
  1. The Lasers as light sources and their properties
  2. Light and matter: dispersion and absorption
  3. The optical cavity
  4. The basic light-matter interactions and the conditions for having lasing
  5. The operation of laser
  6. The Q-switching and the production of laser pulses
  7. Mode-locking
  8. The different types of lasers
  9. The semiconductor lasers
  10. An introduction to Non Linear Optics