Course Code PLC211
Semester 3
Points 3
ECTS Units 4
Recommended Reading
  1. H. D. Young, University Physics, Vol. Α & Β. (in Greek)
  2. R.A. Serway, Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Vol. IΙΙ (in Greek)
  3. Ε. Hecht & A. Zajac, Optics, Addison-Wesley Publishing Co
  4. K.D. Aleksopoulou, Optics (in Greek)
Course Description

his course consists of 8 experiments that help the students to understand better the course of Physics II: Thermodynamics, Waves and Optics that is based on the book of Serway, Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Vol III.

The titles are:

  • Transverse and longitudinal waves.
  • Thermal expansion of insulators and conductors.
  • Measuring the ratio γ=cp/cv  with the methods of Clements-Desormes, Ruchardt and Rinkel.
  • Visible spectroscopy with a prism and a grating spectrometer.
  • Visible spectroscopy with a spectrophotometer and a PC.
  • Polarization of light- Kerr effect.
  • Thin lenses- fiber optics and renewable energy sources.
  • Electromagnetic waves-Michelson interferometer.