Course Code MCC106
Semester 2
Points 4
ECTS Units 6
Recommended Reading

1. “Ordinary Differential Equations”, D. Sourlas, Press Symmetry, 2010, (A textbook in Greek language).
2. ”Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems”, W. Boyce, R. Diprima, Press N.T.U.A, greek translation 1999.
3. “Differential Equations”, S. Trachanas,Press University of Creta, 1989.
4. “Differential Equations”, Thomas Kiventidis, Press Ziti, 1987.
5. “Ordinary Differential Equations”, N. Stavrakakis, Press Papasotiriou, 1997.

Course Description

1.         Basic concepts of Differential Equations
2.         Existence and Uniqueness of a solution of differential equations 1s  order.
3.         Differential Equations 1s order.
4.         Integrated factor. Γραμμικές Δ.Ε. n τάξης.
5.         Laplace transform and its applications.
6.         Some cases of Differential Equations.
7.         Euler Equations.
8.         Methods of Series.
9.         Systems of Differential Equations.
10.       Difference  Equations.