Course Code PHC431
Semester 7
Category Basic
Points 3
ECTS Units 5
Recommended Reading

“Lectures in Photonics (Optoelectronics”, by A. T. Georges, and

«Photonics», by A. Yariv and P. Yeh (Oxford, 2007).

Course Description

1. Light Propagation in Optical Fibers
Propagation modes, dispersion and optical pulse broadening, compensation
for group velocity dispersion.

2. Propagation, Modulation and Laser Oscillation in Optical Waveguides
Propagation modes, coupled mode theory, couplers, modulators,
distributed feedback lasers, supermodes and laser arrays.

3. Theory of Amplification of Optical Radiation
Density matrix operator, time-dependent perturbation theory, linear
polarization, calculation of the gain coefficient for an atomic laser, Erbium
doped fiber laser amplifiers.

4. Semiconductor Lasers
Amplification in a semi conducting medium, double heterostructure lasers,
direct current modulation.

5. Quantum Well and Quantum Dot Lasers
Physics of quantum wells, two- and one-dimensional media,
vertical cavity surface emitting lasers, quantum dot lasers.