Course Code ELE483
Semester 7
Category Optional
Points 3
ECTS Units 5
Recommended Reading

1. G. Karagiannidis: «Communication Systems», Tziolas Publications, 2005.
2. S. Haykin: «Communication Systems», Tziolas Publications,1994.

Course Description
  1. Introduction to Signals and Systems.
  2. Fourier Series and Fourier Transform, Linear Systems and Filtering, Energy and Power Spectral Density, Noise and Random Processes.
  3. Analog Communications
  4. Amplitude Modulation-Demodulation, Super-heterodyne Receivers, FDM, Noise in AM AM Radio, TV.
  5. Angle Modulation, Frequency-Phase Modulation – Demodulation, PLL, Noise in FM, FM Radio, Stereo.
  6. Pulse Modulation
  7. Pulse Modulations, Analog to Digital Conversion, Sampling, Quantization Pulse-Code Modulation, Matched Filter, Line Coding, Pulse Shaping, TDM.
  8. Information and Digital transmission
  9. Information Measure, Channel Capacity, Probability of Error in Transmission, Geometrical Signal Representation, Digital Modulation Techniques (ASK,PSK,FSK,QAM, Spread spectrum).