The Condensed Matter Division has the responsibility of teaching compulsory as well as elective courses of the undergraduate and the respective graduate programs of the Department. The research interests of the members of the Department cover a wide range of both basic research and applications in technology. In the interests of the research groups are included:

  • Study of the electronic structure of solids by Compton spectroscopy, X-rays, gamma rays and elementary excitations (plasmons).
  • Microelectronics: Technology of micro-and nano-electronic semiconductor devices of group IV, with the development of new technological processes in microelectronics (Gate Dielectrics) and new semiconductor silicon devices (nanocrystallite memories).
  • Study of conductive polymers and organic materials with applications in microelectronics.
  • Physics of polymers. Study of the structure and the interaction forces between the adsorbed polymeric layers by X-ray and neutron scattering as well as by force techniques measurements (SFA, AFM).
  • Characterization of synthetic materials and CNT’s composites
  • Study of magnetic materials and applications
  • Electrical – Magnetic – Mechanical properties of liquid crystals (Theoretical and experimental study).
  • Optical inhomogeneous anisotropic media (Theoretical and experimental study).
  • Theoretical and experimental study of amorphous, nanocrystalline and crystalline semiconductor thin films with emphasis on materials of technological interest, such as porous silicon and titanium dioxide, etc.
  • Fabrication, characterization and modeling of semiconductor devices and superconductors.
  • Microwave applications of semiconductor devices. Creation of plasma in semiconductors and applications.
  • Theoretical studies include also research in semiconductor quantum structures (quantum wells and quantum dots), and polymeric systems (polymer brushes, branched polymers and dendrimers).

The members of the Division have collaborations with Greek and foreign universities as well as with research centers among which are: ITE, NCSR Demokritos, Laboratoire Leon Brillouin, CEA Saclay, Leibniz Institut fuer Polymerforschung (Dresden), etc.
The interests of the members of the Condensed Matter Division include also the production of educational software, teaching physics, philosophy of science and physics of music.
The activities and interests of the members of the Division are described in details in the CVs of the members.