Course Code TAE469
Semester 7
Category Optional
Points 3
ECTS Units 5
Recommended Reading

1. C. Anastopoulos, Quantum Mechanics (Lecture notes, University of Patras, 2016)—in Greek.
2. S. Trachanas, Quantum Mechanics II (Crete University Press, 2008).—in Greek.
3. L. E. Ballentine, Quantum Mechanics: a Modern Development (World Scientific, 1998)

Course Description

1. Symmetries in quantum theory, introduction to group theory, unitary representations of groups.
2. Relativistic symmetries. The Poincare group and its unitary representations. Wave equations.
3. Many-particle systems, Fock space, elementary field quantization.
4. Scattering theory, the S matrix, the Born approximation, partial wave decomposition.
5. Decay of unstable systems, Fermi’s golden rule, random phase approximation and Wigner-Weisskof method.