Course Code TAC449
Semester 7
Points 3
ECTS Units 5
Recommended Reading

1. G. E. Forsythe., M. A. Malcolm, C. B. Moler, Computer methods for mathematical computations (translated in Greek language), Crete University Press, 2006.

2. D. Georgiou, Numerical Analysis, Kleidarithmos, 2008.

3. K. Atkinson, Elementary Numerical Analysis, John Wiley & Sons, 1985.

4. I. Jacques, C. Judd, Numerical Analysis, Chapman and Hall, 1987.

5. S. Papaioannou, Ch. Vozikis, Numerical Analysis, E-book.,, 2015.

Course Description

1. Numerical analysis fundamentals (roots, interpolation with polynomials and splines, least squares, numerical differentiation and integration, linear and nonlinear systems of equations, ordinary differential equations).
2. Systems of ordinary differential equations.
3. Initial and boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations.
4. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors.
5. Optimization, modeling, simulation.
6. Partial differential equations.
7. Monte – Carlo methods.
8. Special issues.