Course Code PCC302
Semester 6
Category Basic
Points 5
ECTS Units 9
Recommended Reading
Course Description

Principles of quantum theory. Hilbert spaces, operators, operator spectra, quantum probabilities, time evolution and measurements.

2. Fundamental systems. Symmetries, rotations and the quantum description of angular momentum, composition of angular momenta, Glebsch-Gordan coefficients, Schrodinger equations in three dimensions for different potentials, interaction of particles with the EM field, particles with spin.

3. Composite systems. The quantum description of composite systems, fermions and bosons, Pauli’s exclusion principle, Fermi gas.

4. Techniques and applications. Perturbation theory, the variational method, mean field theory. Applications to atomic systems (the real hydrogen atom, helium atom, Stark and Zeeman effects, orbital theory and the periodic table, Thomas-Fermi theory).