Course Code NME502
Semester 8
Category Optional
Points 0
ECTS Units 5
Recommended Reading
Course Description

In the context of the Laboratory courses and the Teaching of Natural Sciences, the Department of Physics decided to institute a three-month internship for senior students of the Department.

The students for the Internship are selected by the Department, following a relevant announcement. The Internship lasts three months, and aims to obtain expertise and to facilitate the student’s entry into the labor market with better conditions. The Internship in our Department is an elective course of the 8th semester of studies (NME502), it has 5 ects but these credits are not counted in obtaining a degree. The participation in the Internship will be shown with an asterisk both on the Student card and in the Diploma supplement.

The Internship is carried out in companies, institutions and organizations that are active in a subject related to the knowledge and activities of the Physicist, and aims at:

• To familiarize the student with the application of Physics in the workplace.

• To gain professional experience and to facilitate the student’s entry into the market with better conditions.

• In the development of professional consciousness and in the emergence of skills that will help in the future specialization and selection of the most suitable field of employment.

• In the smoother transition from the state of preparation to the professional arena, with emphasis on planning, collaboration, productivity, efficiency, hierarchy, acceptance of responsibility and job evaluation.

• The connection of the productive space with the academic space and the creation of an environment of two-way communication, information, understanding and substantial cooperation between the University of Patras and the host institutions of the Internship.

The number of students of the Department who carry out an Internship each academic year is between 35 and 45. The funding is made through the program EPANEK / NSRF 2014-2020, depending on the existence or not of a funded Project (eg EPEDVM / NSRF) that covers the student’s salary according to the duration of the Internship, as well as the cost of his insurance. The final choice of a student to participate in the program idepends on the number of applicants and their performance in undergraduate studies. The Internship Committee of the Department coordinates the positions by the companies, makes the relevant communication, prepares and distributes information and determines the object and the time of internship of each trainee. Details on the procedures for the implementation of the Internship can be found on the website of the Internship Office of the University of Patras ( Also, printed material and announcements are posted on the course page in eclass.

At European level, Internship is provided through the ERASMUS + mobility program (

Students can choose for an Internship one of the companies / institutions / bodies included in the status posted on the website of the Department of Physics or they can search and suggest others. The cooperation between the teachers / supervisors of the Undergraduate Program and the Institutions of the Internship leads to the joint evaluation of the works and the overall performance of the trainee students. The trainee student writes and delivers a report related to the subject of the Internship.