Course Code PCC201
Semester 3
Points 5
ECTS Units 8
Recommended Reading
Course Description

1.         Electric interaction – Electric charge and Coulomb’s law
2.         The static electric field in vacuum (vector and scalar description) –Gauss’s law-Electric dipole
3.         Conductors in electrostatic equilibrium –Capacitance and Capacitors
4.         Dielectrics – Polarization of dielectrics – Gauss’s law in the presence of polarized dielectrics
5.         Electric current – Conductivity of solid conductors – Resistance and Ohm’s law
6.         Electromotive force and direct current circuits
7.         Magnetic interaction and its origin
8.         The static magnetic field in vacuum – Biot / Savart law – Ampere’s law – Gauss’s law in Magnetism -Magnetic dipole
9.         Magnetisation of matter
10.       Electromagnetic induction – Faraday’s law
11.       Inductance and Mutual Inductance
12.       Alternating currents (general properties) – Alternating current circuits
13.       Maxwell’s equations .and introduction to Electromagnetic Waves