Course Code EEE430
Semester 8
Category Optional
Points 3
ECTS Units 6
Recommended Reading

1.Y. Tripanagnostopoulos, Notes “Solar Energy Systems”
2.P. Yianoulis “New Energy Sources”
3.K. Balaras, A. Argyriou, F. Karagiannis “Conventional and Renewable Energy Sources”
4.Y. Fragiadakis “Photovoltaic systems”
5.J. A. Duffie and W. A. Beckman, “Solar Engineering of Thermal Processes”.
6.J. F. Kreider and F. Kreith, “Solar Energy Handbook”.
7.U. Eicker “ Solar Technologies for buildings”

Course Description
  1. Solar radiation to the atmosphere and ground level. Basic principles of collection, conversion and storage of solar radiation.
  2. Solar collectors and other systems for fluid heating at low temperatures.
  3. Flat Plate Thermosiphonic solar systems for domestic water heating. Integrated Collector Storage solar water heaters.
  4. Optical and thermal properties of concentrating solar energy systems.
  5. Energy storage, space heating and cooling, solar power and electricity.
  6. Stand alone and grid connected pholtovoltaics. Concentrating photovoltaics, Hybrid photovoltaic/thermal systems and other photovoltaic systems.
  7. Operational effective and aesthetic integration of passive and active solar energy systems to the buildings.
  8. Application of solar energy systems to the industry, agricultural sector, etc.
  9. Solar energy systems combined with wind turbines, biomass and geothermic installations.
  10. National and international policy and regulations regarding solar energy.
  11. Environmental impact of solar energy systems.