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Short Bio

Dimitrios Skarlatos was born at 1966 in Athens, Greece.


A) Ph.D. Physics (29/6/2000). Department of Physics / Aristotle University of Thessaloniki-Greece

Title of Thesis : “The role of Silicon point and extended defects in MOS transistor operation”.

B) M.Sc. Condensed Matter Physics (8/4/1993). Department of Physics / University of Crete-Greece.

C) B.Sc. Physics (7/9/1990). Department of Physics / National and Kapodistrian University of Athens-Greece.

Title of Diploma Thesis : “Monte Carlo simulations of Ion Implantation”

Professional Positions: 

4/5/2015-present : Associate Professor / Department of Physics / University of Patras, Patras-Greece

12/4/2011-4/5/2015 : Permanent Assistant Professor / Department of Physics / University of Patras, Patras-Greece

10/7/2007- 12/4/2011 : Assistant Professor / Department of Physics / University of Patras, Patras-Greece

Speciallity : “Experimental Physics of Microelectronic Materials”

1/7/2000-9/7/2007: Postdoctoral Research Associate / Institute of Microelectronics / NCSR “DEMOKRITOS” / Athens-Greece

Academic years 2004-2006 : Teaching Assistant / Technological Educational Institution of Pireus / Department of Electronics / Pireus,Greece

Academic years 2000-2003 : Laboratory Assistant / Technological Educational Institution of Athens / Department of Electronics / Athens,Greece

Research Activities
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