The Division of Electronics and Computer consists of the Electronics Laboratory and the Laboratory of Laser. Contribute to the curriculum of the Physics with undergraduate courses, both basic and optional, but also with three graduate programs : Electronics – Circuits and SystemsElectronics and Information Processing and Photonics.
The Laboratory was founded in 1968 and is divided into three groups and which covers the research areas in the field of Electronics. Basic research interests of the Electronics Laboratory is the design of analog and digital VLSI circuits, signal and image processing, and systems design.
More information about the Electronics Lab you can see in the laboratory website. The Laser Laboratory conducts research in the areas of temporal resolution Spectroscopy in the femtosecond area, study multiphoton processes, development of three-dimensional optical memories and other nano – structures, difotoniki microscopy, measurement of nonlinear optical properties of photonic materials through the art Z-scan, sensor development and fiber laser study of the propagation solitons in optical fibers. The sector participated and participates in various national and European projects , while maintaining collaborations with Greek universities and universities abroad.