The Section of Applied Physics is active in the following scientific fields:

  • Atmospheric Physics & Meteorology
  • Renewable Energy Sources

The members of faculty staff of the Section offer basic course classes of the undergraduate studies program of the Department of Physics and courses of the specialization «Energy & Environment» of the undergraduate program. They also take part in graduate studies programs of the Department and in the interdisciplinary graduate programs “Environmental Sciences” and “Green Power Systems”.

The Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics is active in the fields of:

  • Measurements, quality control, processing and homogenization of meteorological and environmental time series.
  • Stable isotopes (18Ο & 2Η) in rain and in atmospheric water vapor
  • Ultraviolet radiation: Measurements, modelling and biological dose rates
  • Solar Radiation: Measurements, modelling and solar energy
  • Artificial intelligence methods applied to atmospheric and environmental physics problems
  • Weather and atmospheric pollution forecasting modelling

The Renewable Energy Laboratory is active in the field of solar energy, renewable energy sources and energy saving. In particular, the research activities include the development of materials and devices for renewable energy applications and energy saving in buildings, such as:

  • 3rd generation solar cells,
  • Electrochromic and photo-electrochromic “smart” windows
  • Materials for insulating glazing.

Today, four staff members serve in the Section, and according to Article 11 of the Internal Regulation of Patras University, the General Assembly of Physics Department acts on behalf of the Section Assembly, as long as the Section includes less than five staff members